Families Forward - Volunteer

Host a Food Drive

We couldn’t possibly serve as many families as we do without the generosity of the local community. Every person who participates in one of our Food Drives helps to ensure hungry children can look forward to a meal. Please contact us at fooddrives@families-forward.org for more information.

Neighborhood Food Drives

Your family or children can organize a neighborhood food drive to help feed local families. It’s simple! Families Forward will provide a letter explaining why you are collecting food and a flyer listing our most needed food items. Then, you arrange a time to collect food donations from your neighbors and drive them over to our Food Pantry. We would be happy to give your family a tour when you drop off your donation.

The Food Pantry depends entirely on volunteers and food donations.

Food Pantry volunteers at Families Forward

Hosted Food Drives at Businesses, Schools, and Faith Organizations

We make hosting a food drive easy! Select a convenient time-frame for your drive, collect needed non-perishable food items, and drop your donations off at our Food Pantry. If you are hosting a larger food drive, you can arrange to have collection barrels dropped off and picked up from your location by scheduling a donation drive.

Community-Wide Food Drives

Families need food all year long but often, during the year, our food donations dwindle and our pantry shelves can be nearly empty. To prepare for these slower times, Families Forward partners with local grocery stores and community groups for one weekend in the Spring, Summer, and Fall to collect food donations to be able to serve hungry families every month of the year.

Volunteer groups are needed at the grocery stores to invite shoppers to purchase additional food items and to bring all collected food donations back to the Food Pantry. Volunteers are also needed to help unload cars and stock our shelves in our Food Pantry.

To watch a brief, informative video about volunteering for a food drive, please click here.